Male Dogs

Drake 4/4/2018
Drake is a high driven chocolate male, who is a perfect size of 53lbs. He has a ton of drive and can also run a 150 yard mark which would make him an ideal HRC or hunting dog. With 27 champions in his pedigree, it’s safe to say that GREATNESS runs deep in his blood. He was bought at the age of 6 months from a breeder in Mandeville, La & became a part of the Down South Gun Dogs crew in November of 2018. Drake has progressed through our program in a very rapid pace and is always willing to work with his tail wagging. He has been through force fetching, collar conditioning, and has also began doing pile work; both land and water blinds. He will begin wagon wheel drills as well as handling drills next in our program. Drake will be running for his Started title in HRC but will be training and handling at a seasoned level by this upcoming Duck Season, if he is kept in a routine or in a training program.

*pickup 75/100yd marks on land and water
*forced fetched
*forced fetched to pile on water
*forced fetched on land to pile
*exposed to birds
*22 rimfire Launchers
*place boards
*leash training
*basic obedience
*ecollar conditioned
*exposed to live pigeons
*exposed to ducks


Please let me know if there are anymore question I can answer. Please keep us in mind for your future needs also. We offer training and dog boarding as well. Welcome to the Down South Gun Dogs Family!

Kaine Pace
Down South Gun Dogs