Training Informations

Down South Gun Dogs


Age; (7 weeks - 5 months) In our puppy program we are exposing your young pup to the world. We are acclimating this dog to be a remarkable gun dog. This is a very critical point in the pups life. At this stage in our training program your dog will be introduced to: -DIFFERENT WATER ENVIORMENTS -SWIMMING -DIFFERENT TERRAIN AND COVER -FETCHING -LIVE BIRDS -22 RIM FIRE -CRATE TRAINING -FETCHING SIMPLE MARKS -VEHICLES -SOCIALIZATION AND PACK MENTALITY WITH DOGS -SOCIALIZATION WITH OTHER PEOPLE -LEASH TRAINING -HARNESS AND BUILD THE PUPS'S PREY DRIVE

Beginning Gun Dog/Seasoned Level Dogs

Age 6 months to 1 year old. This is where the pup becomes a dog. We have already harnessed the pups amazing prey drive; now it is time to harness all the tools our pup contains. once your dog has finished this part of our program, he/she will be able to be classified as a Seasoned HRC DOG. They will be able to handle land and water Doubles; plus a 60 yard blind in both areas as well. Here in this part of our program we will be working on our: Control Force Fetching- Obedience without the leash- Steadiness- Place Boards- Marking Abilities- Handling or Hand Signals- Introduction to Blind retrieves- Concepts, Blinds,Marks all in Different Terrains- T Drill